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Naked Christmas Walk in Public 8

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Very naked and very public walk number 8, in public park and public street. I get very seen many times... I start in public park bench stripping naked, putting on sexy red strappy high heels and Christmas hat. I rub glitter on my naked body to make it sparkling! The Christmas walk can begin! I LEAVE MY CLOTHES BEHIND. I film with selfie stick my walk, at times leaving it steady to film my walk and specially my ass. I pose and spread to camera and touch my pussy when I start to get excited... But then I get disrupted and get nervious, because there´s strangers approaching me, and I´m far away from my clothes! O-ou! I almost get in trouble being naked in public site... I can´t go back to my clothes this way, so I end up in big busy public road with lots of traffic, get cars honking and stopping while walking in my sexy high heels filming myself in the sidewalk in broad daylight!! I wave and smile to greet, when I don´t feel like I´m being followed...Very embarrassed somehow I manage to get close to my starting point and retrieve some clothes, but what a rush!! I have 7 more public naked walk videos, check them out too ;)


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