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ENF Obligated to masturbate in forest

ENF Obligated to masturbate after caught hiking naked in the forest! I´m out hiking in the forest, when I start feeling naughty, and decide to strip my clothes off. Since I think I´m alone, I also hide my clothes in the bushes. But I´m NOT alone! Someone I know saw me strip and wanted to prank me - he waited for me to go away to take my clothes!! When I realize my clothes are gone, he steps out and teases me. He asks what I´m doing. I´m very embarrassed I got caught like this!! I beg him not to tell anyone. He teases me, enjoying seeing me so embarrassed, trying to cover my body with my hands, with no clothes available... He agrees to give me my clothes back, if I let him film me. Very embarrassed I hand him over the camera. But he has other condition! He won´t tell anyone he caught me naked and horny in the forest, if I masturbate for him while he films me! I have no other options but to say yes.. It´s also kind of exciting... So I end up, still embarrassed this is turning me on, fingering, masturbating, and cumming for him filming me. What a rush!!


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