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Trophy Wife and The Inheritance

Alternative title that was too long but I secretly still love: TROPHY WIFE FUCKS/ BREEDS/ MARRIES SON Mom is so relieved. Dads finally dead. She knows you loved him, and she loved him for giving her you, but their marriage was a business arrangement. He was 40 years older than her when they married, she kept her end of the contract, and he promised to take care of her after he passed. But you've already seen the will. She demands to see it, even though the reading wasn't until next week with the lawyer. She snatches it from you. And starts reading. $50,000 a year, for ten years? That's her inheritance. No. That can't be right. Its not even enough for her manicures? She rings the lawyer, this has to be a mistake. The lawyer verified, it was notarized last week. He tells her she should sit down and speak with her son. And clauses? What clauses. As this mom read each clause in the Final Will & Testament of her late husband, and father of her, each clause going down the rabbit hole of what this mama will do to get what was rightfully hers XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, storyline, story telling, impregnation fantasy, roleplay, kissing, kissing POV, POV sex, virtual sex, butt plug, light blackmail fantasy, fingering, rings, missionary, doggy style, dirty talk


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