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New Boss Makes You A Bet

**POV is office girls, then husband, then boss** The new boss is such a dick. All he does is tell all the female employees how good he is at sex. He says he's so good, in fact, that he's willing to make a bet. That he can make ANY woman cum before him. And if he win, he'll pay for an all inclusive vacation for you and your significant other. But if HE win, he gets to take you on the vacay and fuck you as much as he wants. Well, she is sure she is going to win this bet. She convinces her husband, that she might only need to suck his dick for a few minutes. But she thinks he'll probably cum as soon as she takes off her dress. I mean, look at her. She's gloating to her husband how EASY this will be. The easiest free vacation she's ever won. The new boss is shown into her bedroom, and the husband is staying to see how this whole thing unfolds. She takes her boss's cock out, and is in awe. Its so... big. Like, really big. Bigger than anything she's ever seen. She tries to get him to cum with her dirty talk but it looks like she's going to have to do this the hard way. She gets onto the bed and starts riding his cock. It actually feels really good. Surprisingly good. Her husband is watching, and can't believe its gone this far. She keeps moaning, telling her husband she's sorry but its really good. Shes getting close to cumming. She flips over and it doesn't take long for her to cum. A SECOND later the new boss gives her the biggest creampie she's ever had. And she's lost. Once she starts coming around, she can't believe she lost! Her boss tell her to only pack slutty lingerie, because he's not leaving the hotel room XO Fantasy includes: kink, authority figures, boss, boss/employee, big dicks, creampie, POV sex, POV blowjob


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