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Mom Is Your Valentine PART 2

It’s been a long 8 months. You and your mom have been flirting and sneaking looks since that night but nothing else has happened. It got so bad, you even went out and got a girlfriend. But you mommy has always been #1 in your heart. You come home to yelling, and you don’t understand what you’re hearing. Mom has dads things packed by the door, and is confessing you fucking on Valentines day. She’s telling him to get his things and move out, that your “girlfriend” was only a bystander because we couldn’t be together. You walk into the living room and see your moms bag disorganize on the couch. You hear the door SLAM and in walks your mother, surprised and relieved to see you. She’s finally told him everything. That she couldn’t take it anymore. Not being able to touch you, kiss you. You’re still confused to why she decided to tell dad now about this. So she explains. Months of searching and she has finally found it. A place, where mothers, and sons, are free to live together as lovers. A commune. Hundreds of them. All living as lovers, having families together. Free. She starts kissing, and touching you. Your face, your chest. You have an interview with the Head Mother next week, and it’s important you sever all ties here. Dad is gone, and now we need to get rid of that ‘girlfriend’ of yours. Mother will do it, your girlfriend is confused to why she’s calling. But she explains, as she takes your cock out of your pants. That the two of you fucked on Valentines day, just before he started dating her, and you two are going to run away together now. She sucks your cock openly on the phone, tells her she’s deep throating your right now, like she never could. Mother knows her son needs an experience woman, not some young thing who can’t satisfy you. Mommy can’t listen to her cry anymore, so she hangs up the phone and put your cock inside her.. you need to practice your positions, for the interview with Head Mother. She needs to see you really are mother and son lovers XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, kissing, POV kissing, impregnation fantasy, creampie, missionary, doggstyle, POV blowjob, exhibitionist


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