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Curious Nephew Watches Aunty Pee

You've interrupted your Aunty as she's about to get into the shower. The shower is running and she has to go pee. You tell her you've never seen a vagina before and want to know how they work. Your Aunty loves you and wants to help you. But you can't tell your mom about this, she would be REALLY mad. She shows you all the different parts, the vagina, the vulva, the labia. It's important you know all the proper terms. But she really has to go pee now, the water is running and she's been waiting. She asks you to go because she doesn't want you to see her piss. But you won't leave, and she can't hold it any longer XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, family, aunty-nephew fantasy, pee, toilet fetish, desperation


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