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Fat Home Wrecker Ex Needs Impregnation video from
Fat Home Wrecker Ex Needs Impregnation *** This is a custom video and uses the name Tony. *** Your ex girlfriend invites you over to catch up. You haven't seen each other in years, but she's looking beautiful as ever. You might be married, but damn she's looking fine. She reminds you that while she used to not want babies, she's now in the mindset to get pregnant, despite being single. That was the reason you broke up , and now she wants to grow her belly. You confess your wife still won't let you fuck without a condom, despite you wanting to pump her full of your sperm so badly. So when your hot sexy bbw ex is in front of you talking about now wanting to have babies, you start getting hard. When your ex confesses to that you're the only person who she wants to fuck a baby into her, you jump on the oppertunity. She invites you into bed, slowly seducing you with impregnation dirty talk, and then pulls you on top of her in missionary to slowly slide inside of her warm baby-making pussy (simulated sex). You look each other in the eyes as she says she loves you, and can't wait to grow her belly even bigger for you. You cum inside her, releasing all the pent up passion you both have for each other, before remembering you have a wife waiting at home. Includes.. impregnation fantasy, simulated sex, creampie, cream pies, ex girlfriend, ex, love addiction, bareback, no condom, GFE, pregnant, pregnancy, begging, BBW, redhead, big boobs, curly hair, redhead, eye contact, eye fetish, cock worship, riding, cowgirl, belly fetish, breeding, tight dress, cum play, housewifes, home wrecker,
Thick StepMommy Takes Virgin Creampie POV video from
Thick StepMommy Takes Virgin Creampie POV Before bed, you are having an intimate moment to yourself and are jerking off. Your StepMum walks in on you, and is surprised to find you touching yourself to her naked polaroid pictures. She confronts you about it, stating it's wrong for you to masturbate to your stepmommy, but to not be ashamed of masturbating - she's happy to know that's something you're exploring. You confess that you haven't had sex yet though, and she reassures you that it's ok, you'll get to lose your virginity eventually. Since she interrupted you masturbating, your balls start to ache for release, and seeing your stepmom's boobs bust out of her night gown isn't helping your situation. You tell her that you're in a bit of pain, and she feels so bad that she decides to help you out a bit. You need to go to bed so you can get up in the morning, having her help you cum will speed the process along. She gently puts her hand in your pants, releasing your big cock from your trousers. She spits on it and starts stroking you until she turns to other methods to help you. Your mom takes our her tits, and asks you if you've seen what a wet pussy looks like yet. You say no, knowing she's just looking for an excuse to show you her tight cunt. Soon she's on her back, pulling up her nighty to show you how wet she is for you. You can hear the wetness in between her thighs. Your stepmommy tells you what a good boy you've been, and that it's ok to give into your desires. She's now begging for your cock, saying that it would be easier to get you to cum with stepmommy's tight pussy pulling the cream out of your penis. She gets on top of you and slides your thick cock inside her, moaning for you as you get deeper. You fuck her fearlessly until she's begging for your hot load. You creampie her and she tells you how good you are for letting her take your virginity.

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About Me

Joined Apr.18, 2018

internet nymph

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  • Gwen Adora photo
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  • Gwen Adora photo
Age 25
Height 5'7"
Bra Size 38G
Body Type Curvy
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red

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Videos 82
Views 11,108
Loves 5
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