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Dirty LDR Girlfriend Showers and Cums

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I know me being on a business trip is hard for you, and you miss me so much.
Its so hot here in Florida, and i'm so sweaty, and my panties are so dirty.
I tell you I need a shower, and you tell me how much you miss my body.
I made this video for you, my love, because i don't want you to forget about my beautiful body while I'm gone! Its not like you could anyways, especially now you have all your favorite things compiled into one amazing video, babe!

Video consists of body worship with no dialogue, simply just enjoy what you see up close.
Watch me spread my dirty holes, shower and get all clean for you, pee, finger my ass a lil', and then see how horny i get after showing off my body for you.
( Hint: I cum twice ????)

-i accidentally peed on my camera and then the audio cuts out for a short period of time, but youre not missing anything because i dont say anything anyways.-
(pls excuse the mosquito bite on my ass, funny story read this thread https://twitter.com/fuckmckenzie/status/1132770081895800835 )
Filmed in 4k


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