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Sucked & Fucked By Your Sis Part II

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(This was originally filmed as a custom video and is a sequel to Sucked & Fucked By Your Sis) You and your sister have moved in together now and have been thoroughly enjoying your freedom... One night after dinner your sister asks if you've been liking living with her, as most guys your age wouldn't be thrilled about living with their sister! You tell her you love living with her, there are lots of perks... She laughs and agrees that it's been a lot of fun not having to worry about anyone walking in on you guys, and be able to fuck whenever you want! Plus it's been pretty hot keeping it a secret from everyone... She asks if you want to get your cock out for your sister and of course you agree! She sucks your cock and then gets you to fuck her in different positions, while she tells you how much she loves all the dirty sex you've been having and how wrong and exciting it feels. You finish inside your sister's pussy and watch your cum drip out of her, thinking about how lucky you are to have such a filthy sister! x


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