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Sucked & Fucked By Your Sis

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(This was originally filmed as a custom video) You and your sister are home alone this evening as your parents have gone out for dinner - your sis comes into your room to ask you what you'd like to eat tonight, only to notice the laptop you're trying to hide from her. She grabs it and laughs when she realises you're watching porn! But after a second glance she realises - it's **** porn, and the girl in it looks weirdly like your sister! You try to deny it and say you hadn't even noticed the resemblance, but then you realise that your sister doesn't seem mad or grossed out - in fact she seems kind of intrigued! She quizzes you further and you shyly admit that maybe you have a bit of a crush on her... To your surprise she finds this exciting, and you confess that you've even spied on her once or twice, and once you actually saw her touching herself! She laughs and asks if you've ever seen her fully naked but you say no, just bra and panties... You're amazed when she starts stripping off and confesses to you that she actually kind of finds the **** thing pretty hot... and as you guys are home alone right now.... would you like your cock sucked by your sister? You can't believe this is happening but soon she is sucking your cock and then riding you on the bed, talking all the while about how dirty but exciting it is to be doing this! You ask if you can cum in her pussy and she says she's not sure, you're her brother, that seems so wrong... But she can't resist how sexy it is and she says yes, please cum inside her! You fill your sister's pussy with cum and she kisses you and says you should do this more often! x


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