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Seduced By Your Sister

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(This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're just hanging out one day when your little sister calls you into her room saying she has a surprise for you... She wants you to guess what it is but you've got no idea, so she says she'll give you a clue... To your shock she starts pulling up her dress, exposing her legs! You ask what she thinks she's doing but she tells you to calm down and keeps pulling her dress up, then spreads her legs to reveal a hidden message written in lipstick on her thighs - 'I want to fuck my brother'! You're in shock but she tells you not to freak out, she knows you want her too, it's obvious in the way you look at her... Yes it's wrong but she can tell that you're dying to fuck her... She teases you, rubbing her pussy through her panties and talking about how wet it's getting, before taking off her dress and playing with her tits. She can tell that your power to resist is quickly ebbing away, and she offers to suck your cock for you. You try to say no but your willpower is vanishing and soon you agree! She sucks your cock, talking all the while about how long she's wanted to taste her brother's cock for, and how hot and wet her pussy is getting. Soon you've been driven completely wild and when she asks you to fuck her there's no way you can say no. She spreads herself open for you and you fill her tight pussy with cock, pounding her until she cums, and then filling her pussy with your spunk! x


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