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Bratty Sister Ass Worship

(This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've been caught red handed sniffing your little sister's panties! She teases you and threatens to tell everybody what a pervert you are, and questions you about what it is you like about her panties?? You admit that you've become obsessed with her ass and she laughs at you but then admits that actually she finds that kind of hot! You don't believe her at first, you think she's trying to trick you, but she insists - and says if you don't start sniffing and worshipping her ass right here and now she'll tell everyone about your dirty little secret! She shoves your face into her ass and tells you to start stroking your cock, calling you a filthy ass pervert as you sniff and stroke! She then tells you to start licking her asshole, saying she wants you to eat her ass as you touch yourself! She gives you a countdown for when to cum and tells you that tongue better be right up her ass when you cum or she'll be going straight to your mom to tell her your dirty little secret!


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