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Teaching My Slutty Latina Step Daughter Alina Belle A Long Hard Lesson

It was a regular 'ol Wednesday, like any other, when my step-daddy senses started tingling. Compelled to investigate, I went up to my step-daughter, Alina Belle's room, where low and behold - I caught her getting dressed in the bathroom, putting on some slutty black lingerie underneath her all-girl private school uniform! After spying and watching her slip her perfect little 18 year old body into her skin tight clothes, I confronted her as she was about to leave the room. Giving Alina a chance to come clean, I asked where she was going... "school, of course", she replied.. so I made her show me what she was wearing under that uniform of hers! She reluctantly took off her uniform and confessed she was going to meet her boyfriend for hump-day. Hump-day!? I told her girls who dress like that are only asking for one thing and I was going to have to punish her for lying to me. She got down on her hands and knees and begged me not to be too rough... said she'd do anything, while rubbing my cock over my pants. Seeing this as a teachable moment, and being the loving step-father that I am, I whipped out my cock, shoved it down her throat, and taught her a long hard lesson... and after fucking my slutty little step-daughter and coming in her mouth, she swallowed my load and thanked me for giving her exactly what she wanted! Then she got dressed, and went straight to school... and that folks, is what great step-dads are for!


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