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Welcome to my APClips profile! Please look around, and check out all the sexy content I have to offer you. You can shop using a Cart, or buy tokens in advance for easy one-click purchases.

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Petite School Girl Anna Mae Gets Fucked By Her Teacher video from
Petite School Girl Anna Mae Gets Fucked By Her Teacher I’ve been in teaching for so long I thought I would have been immune to the desires of the flesh. This was what I thought before I met Anna. Once I laid eyes on her, she made me forget everything I thought I knew about myself. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I crossed a line I never would have imagined I could. I am having sex with a student. It all started at the beginning of the semester. She walked in to my class and there was just something about her that I could not stop thinking about. At first I tried to control my urges but I soon figured out that was not going to be a thing I could handle. I slowly started to ask her to stay after class to ask her if she had any trouble with the curriculum. Then it was would you like to join me for coffee. After all of our talks, she too became interested in me. I think she wondered what I could teach her about life and other things she hadn’t experienced yet. The point of no return came one day after a particularly hard time she was going through at home. After our usual coffee date, she wanted my counsel on some family issues she was dealing with at the time. Even though I knew it was wrong but I realized she was vulnerable at this moment. I knew this was my chance to kiss her. I took my opportunity and went with it. She was a little shocked at first but then she leaned into it. From then on we would sneak off to my house for some great sex. This was just one of the many days that changed my life forever…. ***Starring: Anna Mae***
The Curious Coed video from
The Curious Coed I was about to leave the house the other day, when I noticed the door to the den was open. I realized a friend of my daughter’s had been laying on the couch. I woke her up to find out what had happened. She told me she was out past her curfew and her folks locked her out of her house. So she called my daughter Erica to see if she could crash here but my daughter had already left for class. Erica told Kara that she could crash in the den until she got back from class. I tried to find out why Kara was out so late that her folks locked her out. She had decided she wanted to go party cause she thinks she’s a big girl and can do what she wants. Once I called her out on that nonsense, she really told me what was bothering her. She wanted to know what it was like to have an orgasm. The guys she had been with would finish too quick and not bother to take care of her. I explained to her this was a bit of an uncomfortable subject for me to be talking to her about. But she said I was the only one she could confide in. After much convincing, I said ok how can I help you out. She wanted to be with an older man since they would be more experienced. I couldn’t believe what I’ve gotten myself into. Her body was so tight and fresh I couldn’t help myself. I began to caress her boobs until I could tell she wanted me to touch another part of her. Once I started touching her soaking wet pussy I knew she was well on her way to her first orgasm. After she came, she wanted to have me in her mouth. Kara pulled my dick out and began to suck my cock so well for a girl her age. I was still in disbelief that I’ve put myself in this situation. But my cock was throbbing hard and in her warm wet mouth. Not much was going through my mind from this point on. Once I felt my load build in my sack I knew it was time to let her have it. I blow my load in her mouth and she gave me such an amazing smile. We were both very happy on this morning. ***Starring: Kara Lee***
Caught Fapping By My Stepmom Blowjob video from
Caught Fapping By My Stepmom Blowjob I was feeling tense and horny so I decided to relieve some of this tension by rubbing one out. What I totally forgot about is that my new stepmom may come home at anytime of the day. Obliviously, I start stroking my cock while I find that right video on my phone. Just as I got rock hard my stepmom bursts into my room. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I’m just sitting on my bed with my hard dick in my hand and my stepmom is just staring at me. I yell at her wondering why she didn’t knock and why is she in my room. She’s embarrassed and doesn’t know where to look. She begins to explain that needed to find something in my room. I realized that I now have to move out cause I can never look at this woman in the eye again. She tries to talk me off the ledge so to speak, but I still feel so humiliated. She begins to reassure me that it’s a normal thing for men of my age to masturbate. I tell her that I appreciate what she’s trying to do but I have to move out. I will never feel comfortable knowing that she has seen my hard cock. She proceeds to tell me that it’s a nice cock and it shouldn’t be an awkward type of situation. I said wait, you think I have a nice cock? She replied yes you do. That got me so aroused I couldn’t hide all of my raging boner. She notices I’m rock hard again and starts to approach me. She begins to rub my leg and I realize this has escalated to a level I didn’t think it would get to. Once she gets on the bed she starts rubbing my cock and I cannot believe this is happening. She pulls my cock out and begins to stroke it up and down. After she looks at it from tip to sack she puts me into her mouth. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. She really knows how to pleasure a man. After all the sucking, licking and stroking I couldn’t hold back any longer. I blew a huge load into her mouth. It was an extraordinary experience. I now know why he married her. LOL! ***Starring: Karina Kaif***
My Carnal Babysitter Blowjob video from
My Carnal Babysitter Blowjob I came home one day from work and noticed my babysitter was upset about something. I asked her what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me that she was having some money issues. After some further conversation, she admitted that she just wanted a fancy purse that all the other girls in her group already had. She wants to fit in with her girlfriends. Her other gig fell through and she doesn’t know how she’s going to afford the purse now. I realized that my wife wasn’t going to be home for awhile, so a really naughty thought ran through my head. So I decided to give it a shot. I asked her how badly does she want that purse. She replied “really bad!” I said there’s a way that she can earn the money for that purse. All she has to do is do a little extra with me. With a little bit of coaxing, I was able to convince her to let me rub her sweet tight pussy. I slipped 2 fingers in her now wet pussy. Her pussy squeezed my fingers as I pushed them in and out. Once I brought her to climax, I made her rub my now growing cock through my pants. Once she realized how big I was she was raring to go. I pulled out my throbbing cock and placed my pulsating head in her warm wet mouth. She licked my cock up and down, as well as give my balls some attention. My babysitter worshiped my cock and sucked it until I blow my load onto her awaiting tongue. It was the best thing that’s happened to me in weeks. I can’t wait to see what she will do for a new car. LOL! ***Starring: Gabriela Lopez***
My Daughters BFF video from
My Daughters BFF My daughter had her BFF Mia over for a study session and I happen to catch Mia in the kitchen searching for a snack. I offer to make her something on the grill but she decides to wait for dinner. I figured she was just looking for a break from studying. After I do some chores my wife asked me earlier in the day to do, I head to my bedroom. As I enter, I see Mia laying on my wife and I’s bed. At this point I’m super uncomfortable cause all I can think about is how this would look if my wife came home and saw this. Then I start to think about my daughter walking down the hall and seeing this as well. I try to explain this to Mia and how inappropriate this all is but she thinks it’s all innocent in nature. I begin to see what can I do to get her out of my room, so I ask her what can I help her with. She is concerned about her studies in human anatomy. She learned that men and women can have orgasms in many different ways. She is upset that she has never had an orgasm. At this point I don’t even know what to think or say since I have so many thoughts running through my head. She is genuinely concerned that she will never have an orgasm cause the boys that she has been with in the past have either never truly known how to make a woman climax. Or have finished a little too quickly. After much convincing I explain to her how a man is suppose to get a woman off. However, she would like for me to show her using her body. I reject this idea at first, but I give in cause she is such a good friend to my daughter and I can’t just let this girl go without experiencing the joy of an orgasm. With great hesitation, I begin to point out where a man has to touch in order to induce an orgasm. However, she begs me to actually touch her. I can’t believe this is happening but, I can’t help myself at this point. I haven’t touched such young tight skin in so long. My wife is not bad for her age, but nothing beats a twenty something year old body. I wet my fingers with my mouth and begin to rub her pussy up and down. I point out her clit and rub it until she begins to moan in ecstasy. After I explain all the complexities of her clit, I rub her clit until I really bring her home to an orgasm. She is so happy that she finally experienced a true orgasm. She then confesses that she’s not to sure how to preform oral sex on a guy. She’s tried before but the guys from her past would want to just put it in her pussy and pass on a blowjob. By this time I’m already too far to say no, so I let her pull my semi hard cock out of my pants. Once I explain to her the differences in the way you perform a blowjob on a circumcised and uncircumcised dick, she begins to stroke my dick until I’m rock hard. She is so surprised I have such a large cock. But she gets used to how big it feels in her mouth. She continues to suck and jerk my hard throbbing cock until I blow my warm load in her anxious and curious mouth. She played with my cum and was so enamored with it, I couldn’t help but love this whole experience. She is so happy that she learned all about orgasms and blowjobs from someone she trusted and loved. Needless to say it was a good day. ***Starring: Mia Martinez***

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Welcome to my APClips profile! Please look around, and check out all the sexy content I have to offer you. You can shop using a Cart, or buy tokens in advance for easy one-click purchases.
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