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Babe, let’s try BDSM JOI video from
Babe, let’s try BDSM JOI We both have the afternoon off today, and being the adventurous pair we are, we decide to spice things up a bit. Nothing too extreme, but definitely very kinky. We decide to try a little BDSM. Could be fun, right?!

You’re waiting for me to get all dressed up for you in full Dominatrix attire. I feel a little silly, so I make you promise not to laugh before I come out and show off my sexy outfit.

I slink around the corner wearing a black satin corset, a tiny thong and black latex thigh high boots. You’ve been a very naughty boy, and now I’m going to have to do something about it! The sky-high heels on these things are a bit difficult for me to manage at first, but I feel pretty sexy right now! And you think so too :)

I walk toward you whipping my leather flogger through the air- you promised me I wouldn’t hurt you, but I’m still going to take it easy on you ;) For a moment, I can’t help but to giggle at myself trying to be a badass. Still wearing my smile, I manage to find my inner Dom, and command you to get on your knees. You’re a good boy and obey.

Time for your punishment! I go in to give you a little spanking, and almost knock the light fixture off the ceiling. Oops! I try to swap places with you, I’m not very good at this. You give me a sly smile, and I keep trying. Have I told you lately how amazing you are? What other guy could put up with all my dorky antics?

I bend over, showing off my ass. I turn around and notice that nice bulge in your pants. I totally want to jump on top of you, but I’m able to maintain my “Dom” attitude. “You’d love me to take off your pants and play with that nice hard cock, wouldn’t you? Too bad you’re just a little slave boy, an you’re not going to get it!”

I giggle, and instruct you to take off your pants, and start stroking your cock. Long slow strokes, up and down. I tease you while you stroke your cock, following all of my gentle commands. “Stroke, stroke, stroke. Keep that grasp nice and firm.”

I slide my panties off. “You’re getting close aren’t you?” I spread my pussy for you and tell you to imagine you’re deep inside my pussy as you stroke faster. I tell you on my count of three, you’re going to give me all that cum. You absolutely explode, and I crawl over to you and clean up your yummy mess.

I have a huge smile plastered on my face, and I tell you how much fun I had. “Oh my gosh, I love you babe! We should totally do this again! But babe, we should switch roles. Maybe you could tie me down to the bed next time!” Now full of excitement, I jump up. “Are you ready for round two? Let’s go!”

I scamper off the the bedroom, almost falling over as run through the foyer. You follow close behind… Probably to try to catch me before I fall and break something ;P

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