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Getting Face-Fucked By Sophie Ladder

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photo of Emma HansenEmma Hansen

16:13 | Added 1 year ago

The second video of my time together with Sophie Ladder is just as hot as the first one! This one is a sexy blow job video, with intimate dialogue as Sophie shows me exactly how she likes to be sucked off, telling me what to do and showing me with her hands gripping my hair, guiding my head. I gag and cough, but I love sucking Sophie's cock so much I keep sucking! My nose gets stuffy and I keep sucking like she showed me. She alternates between watching me sucking her cock with my hand and grabbing my head by my hair and fucking my face, making me a snotty slobbery wet mess gagging on her dick, until she cums down my throat! I'm eager to swallow it all up even though I'm still gagging, and she lifts my head in her hands to meet hers in a passionate kiss. Watch for the other content we release together on AmateurPorn and MV!


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