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First Fuck With Sophie Ladder

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photo of Emma HansenEmma Hansen

11:58 | Added 1 year ago

Yay, my second non-solo video series! This is the first of my videos with Sophie Ladder~ We start by kissing, and she starts to tease me. Our breathing intensifies and I start moaning while she chokes me, playing with my nipples and rubbing her knee on my grinding pussy. She starts to tease me through my panties and I pull her hair and bite her neck. She pulls my panties to the side and starts playing with my pussy with her fingers, getting me nice and wet. "Do you want to taste yourself?" She whispers, I moan "Yes!" and she sticks her fingers inside my mouth, then into hers, and kisses me. Then She folds my legs up in the air and slides her dick into my pussy. I moan intensely while she pounds my pussy, pushing my small body into the bed with her hand around my throat. She moves me on my side and fucks me from behind with my leg in the air, harder and harder until she cums inside me! Our faces are so cute when we're finished, out of breath and kissing lightly.// Check out Sophie's AmateurPorn for more of her videos! (Sophie Ladder)


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