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Cute Goth Fucks a Pumpkin

photo of Emma HansenEmma Hansen

13:26 | Added 7 months ago

Your cute goth crush from high school got a strap-on and wants to practice fucking! Watch me fuck a pumpkin and up my thrust-game~
The pumpkin is on a stool at first, and I'm standing next to and against it. I start teasing the pumpkin's holes and spitting in them, then I start fucking the pumpkin slowly. I thrust faster, and you can see a view of the inside of the pumpkin and imagine I'm wrecking your guts! I move the pumpkin to the floor and fuck the 2nd hole I made, rocking the pumpkin into me while my hips move until my legs give out and I'm panting on the floor! (I have a Full HD version of this vid available if this one is too big)


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