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Sugar Spice and Everything Thrice

Talia, Ember, and Nicki are in for sticky mess. Talia has a rainbow dick pop to share with her two friends. She unravels it slowly and wets it with her tongue before sharing it with them. They all go down on the sticky cock, giggling and kissing each other in the process. Talia rubs the wet cock on her chest and lets Nicki and Ember lick off the sticky mess. Talia, high on all the sugar and cuteness, begins an epic pillow fight. The women go at it together before Ember discovers that there are three more cocks hiding beneath them. They **** fight with the cocks before deciding they deserve to be wet as well. After sucking on the cocks, they sit back next to each other and insert them simultaneously. They moan in unison, and a playful threesome symphony of cum erupts. . Featuring: @_NickiSunshine , @TaliaSatania . . Filmed By: The Lust Garden 14:09 in HD


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