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photo of Ellie IdolEllie Idol

11:48 | Added 3 days ago

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This tiny little thing just looks like you! Long in the pants, short in the wiener? Tic-tac-cock? So sad and pathetic, really. What can you do with something so tiny? It's not made for fucking, only hand or pillow humping! Something else that goes with small weenies is cum eating or chastity. Since Ellie is generous today, she's going to allow you to swallow your pathetic load. The most pleasure you'll ever get from a woman won't be sex, but encouragement to jerk off and cum to her smoking hot body. You'll be pump-pump-pumping your mouth full of that cocklet milk. You wish you were born with a full-sized dick but you only have that pathetic little piece of flesh between your legs. How embarrassing!! Ellie has seen her fair share of tiny pps as you all seek to flock to her for humiliation. Did puberty skip you or something? Seems you never grew. You just have a bb carrot dick incapable of delivering pleasure to the opposite sex. You stroke even faster for Ellie's humiliating words just waiting for her to tell you to eat that cream that makes NO ONE scream with desire. No breeding, just cum eating, and rejection. Jerking to humiliation porn is your only pleasure!


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