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Your Darkroom Crush's Tits

by Dorian Rhey

26 Photos | Added 4 years ago

You've been taking an amateur photography class on Wednesdays after work. Taking pictures is always fun, but what you really can't stop thinking about is the mysteriously alluring quiet girl w/glasses who always shows up late and sits in the very back... Her hair, her eyes... Her... Tits.

On the last day, the rest of the class has filtered out. You are about to head to your cars, when she catches you on the way out, motioning you to an empty hallway.

Her hand brushes against your crotch as she leans in close. "A gift." She murmurs, sliding an envelope into your hand.

"I'm taking pottery class next."

She allows her lips to barely graze your neck before flitting off towards the train.

You wait to open the envelope until you arrive at home, but can feel its contents... Photographs... What could they be of? Your palms sweat. Damn. Pottery is starting to sound pretty fun.

( this set contains 26 black and white photos, artfully taken in 'selfie/amateur' style. I'm fresh out of the shower, no makeup, totally natural and nude. Lots of boob shots as well as some ass shots! Enjoy. )

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