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Trying To Quit Smoking But, Failed

photo of DiaLynnDiaLynn

5:19 | Added 1 year ago | 1 Loves

Sitting down on the ground outside, wearing my yoga pants blue flannel and tank top with cleavage peeking out. I am trying to quit smoking, as you can see it's not going well. I thought doing it cold turkey would work out but, it was the complete opposite. It's so much harder to quit smoking than I thought. I light up a strong Marlboro Red 100, taking deep inhales with open mouth snaps and exhale my smoke in your direction. I get closer to you, exhaling my smoke in your face. Breathe in my smoke as we both become more addicted to smoking as ever together. I occasionally talk in this video telling you about my addiction and how I am trying to quit but, failed.

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