Sweaty Stinky Cardio Workout Feet

photo of DiaLynn
7:44 | Added 16 days ago

Hi foot boy, Goddess just got done working out. I have no socks on with my workout sneakers. I wore no socks on purpose just so you can smell my divine stinky sweaty feet in your face. I do a quick stretch and start to untie my shoes. Taking one foot out at a time, worship my gorgeous feet and tempting pink toes. I stick my well worn sneakers in your face, take a whiff of my stinky sneakers. You don't care because you know stinky feet make your cock grow. You enjoy the scent, curious to find out what my feet smell like. Are they a popcorn scent or a sweet vinegar?

My beautiful feet make you want to stroke. My sexy moaning while teasing you with my perfect feet and soft soles will make you want to stroke. Denying you the right to stroke, you only stroke when I give you permission to foot boy. My divine feet, my rules.

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