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Smothering Him, While You Watch

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photo of DiaLynnDiaLynn

13:24 | Added 7 months ago

You're going to be a good little cuck and sit in the corner like a good boy and watch. I am going to be smothering a bad boy with my pussy and ass. You don't get to touch yourself, just sit there lonely making your balls ache. I know you just wish I could be smothering you with my sexy round perfect ass.

Smothering your loser pathetic ass. You'll never be that lucky, you only get to watch like the little f*cking bitch that you are. Watching, growing, and balls aching for Goddess. I coerce this bad boy into my crotch making him smell my yummy scent. I slide my panties to the slide and he gets smothered by my delicious freshly shaved pussy. I humiliate you and flick you off throughout this video. I of course orgasm from how good it feels. I grind my pussy on his face and then I smother him with my ass. He tongue fucks my asshole licking and tasting me. You've no permission to touch or stroke yourself. Just sit like a good little cuck and watch an experience you'll never be able to have the pleasure of doing.

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