Shhhh I Won't Tell, Your Secret Is Safe With Me

photo of DiaLynn
5:42 | Added 1 month ago

I know your secret and shhh don't worry I won't tell no one. Your secret is safe with me, your smoking fetish has really got out of hand. You're not satisfied until you watch a beautiful women sucking on a cigarette each and every day. We both share the same fetish, smoking is by far the best fetish out there. The sexiest fetish and I can't resist it either.

I take a Marlboro Red short out of my pack of smokes, place it on my rosy lips. Shorts look so sexy dangling from my pretty lips. I dangle my cigarette before I spark it up. I take deep inhales and enjoy every drag I take into my lungs. Smoking is sexy, smoking makes me horny, with each drag I take my body becomes more satisfied. I send you off with a sweet kiss. Happy Valentine's Day! Includes: dangling, open mouth inhales, and close ups

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