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PVC Pigtails Brown Lips Marlboro Red 100 Smoke

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photo of DiaLynnDiaLynn

4:49 | Added 7 months ago

Wearing a shiny black PVC top, curly pigtails, and brown lipstick on my pretty lips. I tease you with my long Marlboro Red 100 cigarette. Gliding the smoke in and out of my cleavage. I know how bad you want me to take this out and spark it up. So eager to inhale all my toxic cigarette smoke. I grab my lighter and place the cigarette on my lipstick lips. I spark up my lighter, waving it around and teasing you even more. You're so addicted to watching me smoke.

I finally light up my strong cigarette, taking deep inhales and teasing you with the smoke clouds. I love showing off my beautiful open mouth inhales. That sweet thick smoke looks so sexy getting sucked up into my mouth. I exhale all my smoke clouds all over your face, inhale.

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