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My Feet Stink, Wanna Smell Loser?

photo of DiaLynnDiaLynn

12:18 | Added 1 month ago | 1 Loves

Hi foot boy, today is not like any other clip you've ever seen. Goddess just got done working out it was back and bicep day. After my workout I just slipped my sweaty feet into my slippers and did house work. Making my gorgeous feet all sweaty and stinky. Do you wanna sniff, loser? My loser foot boy, so eager to please Goddess. So happy to bow down in my presence. Before my beautiful feet come out and tease you. I want you to kiss and lick my slippers. Taste the ground I walk on. I slip my feet out my slippers, giving you a sniff of each sock and slipper. I talk about how much my feet stink and how you'll worship them no matter what. Now now foot boy, drop to your knees. Get on the ground, bowing down before me. I snap my fingers and you drop. It's time to have those gorgeous feet in your face, sliding my feet out of my slippers and slowly taking off my socks. These socks are so stinky, I need to stick them directly into the washing machine. Wouldn't you just love to be my own personal washing machine. Sticking them in your mouth and cleaning them for Goddess.

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