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Invitation To Smoke With Me

photo of DiaLynnDiaLynn

4:17 | Added 1 month ago | 1 Loves

You're invited! Not to a party smoke lover, your invited to smoke with me. I just got a fresh new pack of Marlboro Red 100's and I am ready to feel the nicotine running through my body. How about you? Let's smoke together making our lungs nice and black.

Wearing pretty pink lipstick on my sexy lips, little black dress with cleavage peeking out, and my green jacket. I take out a long Marlboro Red 100 cigarette out of my pack. I light it up with one flick of my lighter and take that first drag. Looking straight at you while I enjoy my long cigarette. I smoke my cigarette very fast, taking deep inhales and exhaling in your face. Can you keep up with Goddess? Smoke as fast as I do.

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