Give Up All Control For My Pretty Feet

photo of DiaLynn
8:32 | Added 1 month ago

Hi foot boy, so today your going to give up all control for my pretty feet; Goddess controls you, your wallet, and your budget. Looking sexy as always; wearing a leotard, shorts, thigh high socks, and converse sneakers. I know your just aching over there waiting for my pretty feet to come out of my sneakers and socks. I start to untie my shoe laces and take out my socked feet. One shoe and then the other. Teasing you before you see my gorgeous perfect feet you crave more of. I slide down my long thigh high socks and reveal my gorgeous feet. I stick them in your face, admire those soles, arches, and sexy toes. Only one look, glare of my pretty feet and they will be the only feet that satisfy you and your fetish. Give up all control for me and my pretty feet. (includes: mantras and toe spreads)

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