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Breaking The Rules And Making My Own Smoking

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photo of DiaLynnDiaLynn

7:06 | Added 9 months ago

It's been a very long time without me. Nothing is better than smoking a sweet yummy delicious Marlboro Red 100 cigarette and giving you the honor of watching. Taking deep inhales with my pretty lipstick mouth. But first, watch my sexy red lipstick lips dangle my cigarette; teasing you. I take out my lighter and light up my yummy smoke. Taking deep inhales and exhaling in your face. Take all my clouds and breathe them in. I do triple drags one after another making you weaker for me and my smoke. I offer you some of my cigarette; I dare you to take a drag of my smoke. Do it!

You've missed me so much. Just admit to yourself I am your smoking Queen. Your addicted and addicted to me only. Watching the sweet smoke leave my pretty mouth your already longing for more. I love to smoke, I won't ever quit. The temptation to smoke is so strong, I am breaking all the rules and making my own. My seductive ways will keep you coming back for more.

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