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Seduced by Hot Mean Bully

photo of DelphoxiDelphoxi

12:21 | Added 5 months ago

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Seduced by Hot Mean Bully (12:22)
Your little brother wants you to confront his bully, you agree and approach the hot mean bully! She starts laughing and bullying your brother and you can't seem to find the courage to say anything to her, you are mesmerized by her, and you notice her beautiful feet. She quickly notices and starts showing her feet off to you, telling you to worship them while she continues to bully your brother all while this is going on right in front of him . You're suppose to be confronting the bully for your little brother but instead you're worshiping her feet while she bullies your brother! You can't believe it when the hot bully starts jerking your dick with her feet. Your little brother just watches in horror as his bully gives you a Footjob! You can't help it though! You've been seduced! You'll do anything the hot bully says and you don't care about your little brother anymore, he'll be fine, one day he will understand that you did it all for some pussy. The bully hops on your cock and rides until she cums, all while your brother watches in horror! You're in love with his hot bully! You'll do anything she says, even if it means cuckolding your little brother!


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