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Lil Sis Stuffs Her Cunt

My pervy big brother barges into my room while I'm watching TV. I yell at him to get out! NO PERVY BROTHERS ALLOWED! He ignores me and holds something to his nose while he smiles at me. "WTF YOU PERVERT ! ARE THOSE MY PANTIES YOURE SMELLING!!" I snatch them away from him and tell him to get the fuck out! But wait, these aren't even my panties you pervert ! I laugh and explain that the panties he was sniffing was actually a pair I had stollen from a girlfriend of mine. Maybe you and I aren't so different after all you pervert. I decide to have some fun with my pervy big brother! I slide off my panties and stuff them into my pussy and I sniff the stollen ones all for big brother !


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