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Tied Up Piss Slave Forced To Eat Masters Asshole

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My name is Davina Davis and I've been held captive as a piss slave for over three years now. My master first captured me when I was 18 years old and locked me in his torture chamber forced to be his cum and piss slave. He told me if I did a good job as a slave that he would let me go eventually. That day never came. I've been locked in here for what feels like an eternity. Every once in awhile he brings in another piss slave for me to help torture. I don't like doing it, but at least I get a break from sucking on masters cock and balls. Whats even worse, is he constantly **** me to eat his asshole. Master demands I eat his asshole for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After he makes me lick his asshole, he makes me open my mouth so he can cum down my throat. Then he washes his cum down with gallons of stinky piss. He makes me swallow every last drop, and I obey. I always obey master. I hope one day Master will release me from this prison and I'll be free again. Until that day comes, I will stay tied up as a dirty whore slave, forced to suck on Masters dick and asshole.


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