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Blackmailed Into Free Use By Uncle Terry

♡ Video was originally a custom. I refer to my Uncle as "Uncle Terry" ♡ You walk in on me masturbating.. I can't believe you saw me being such a slut. Please don't tell my parents! They can't find out.. I'll do anything. Just don't tell them what you saw! Dance for you? It's the only way.. well.. okay. I can't believe you just came all over me!! What do you mean you recorded that little dance of mine? Are you blackmailing me!?! Well.. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't kind of hot seeing you so into me. I've never even been with a boy before! And it feels so wrong to give my first time up to my Uncle. I'll suck your cock, and wrap my tits around your throbbing cock. Just don't mess up my makeup with your cum this time, okay? I guess you have a thing for innocence corruption!


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