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Tawsing The Defiant Schoolgirl

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Dani has been sent to the principle's office a lot this month. Regular detentions and school paddlings just don't seem to be enough to get through to her. She is sent to see the principle once again, panties already removed and expecting a spanking. This time, though, he is going to try something different. In his hands he has a leather tawse and has Dani lift up and support one arm straight out. She has never gotten punished this way and soon is regretting getting in trouble. She takes 7 on one hand, an extra one added due to her lowering her hand without permission. Then 6 on the other and thinking its all over, but due to her major defiance he adds another dozen total. Of course, she gets yet another penalty swat in this round. Still not done, he has her bend over since she was prepared for a spanking and gives her 12 hard hits to her exposed bottom. Will Dani finally start to learn? (Dani Sorrento, leather tawse, tawsing, first time hand tawsing, school girl outfit, white crop top, no bra or panties, mini plaid skirt, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, multiple cameras, red hair, headband, make up, long hair, pink butt, tall curvy girl, spanking, strapping, leather spank)


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