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Exercise Ball Made to Motivate

I have been trying so hard to get myself a good workout routine, but nothing is working for me. It isn't much fun and I'm not seeing any results! You are a friend of mine and a personal trainer, so you agree to help me out a bit. You tell me you have a new workout that has seemed to help a lot of girls. At this point I am up for anything! Well, anything is what I get. I see you have something with you and when you reveal the object I am more curious than ever. It looks just like an exercise ball, but it has handles and something else sticking out of it. I did say I was willing to try whatever, so I start getting undressed so you can show me how to use it. I mean you are just gonna watch to make sure I have the right form...nothing else. I try to take it slow, but you tell me to go fast at one point. I don't think I'm gonna last long with this new exercise, and I don't. I cum after only a few minutes, but I promise you I will be using this again tonight! I think I finally found something to motivate me (story line roleplay, solo female clip, white leggings, sports bra, pigtail braids, tan, orange hair, brunette, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, workout, bubble butt, ride toy, bounce, ass jiggling, orgasm, new toy, pink ball, squat ride)


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