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CVX 33 Nathalie Culette debut

Everybody wants to fuck Nathalie. You know it. She knows it. The world knows it. Up until now the unlucky masses could only guess what it’s like to use her body as a fuck toy so give her a big thanks for jumping into porn headfirst because now you can see! Watch the dream date begin as she states her intentions then lets Atticus have his way. Cocksucking, rope, fucking, smacking, whacking and multiple orgasms abound in this 41 minute video: Nathalie’s first filmed fuck ever. Lots of hot, intimate sex, super cute noises and expressions and a big break in the middle where she gets mercilessly caned on the thighs and made to cum over and over. The look of agony and ecstasy on her face when she cums through the pain is worth the price of admission alone. But that part is just tenderizing before the cock goes back in, of course. How many orgasms does Nathalie have? You’ll need a calculator. Oh, and stay til the end to see her gagged, fuckdrunk face get a nice dousing with cum. 41 minutes of video you've always wanted to masturbate to.


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