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ABDL Cum Dumpster Training Continued

We haven't had a meeting in a while, and it's time to catch up on how things are going with your ABDL training. I've gotten some more reviews in from your customers. It sure looks like you're picking up extra clients these days! You have most certainly become the neighborhood cum dumpster. And I am very proud of this! You finally seem to realize that you truly cannot use the toilet anymore. In fact, you are now completely untrainable on the potty! I show off your sissy photos to the camera as I read your reviews. Most of the reviews are good this time - but you still have some practice and learning to do. I cannot have you fucking this up. It's all you have left. No one else will hire you. I discuss having you move in with me - but more like into a dungeon. I'll leave all of your supplies out. And give you a monitor for when you need things. You'll also get to hear my big dicked man pleasure me through that monitor in a way that you will NEVER have the opportunity to do yourself. While you sit pathetically in your filth. Oh, and he will come down to your room whenever he wants to warm himself up before fucking me. Or to warm up your asshole and mouth between sessions to accept more cum from everyone. This video has the name Jake in it.


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