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OMG! I GOT CHANGED INTO A WOMAN video from Chastity Lynn
OMG! I GOT CHANGED INTO A WOMAN The last thing I remember was being out with my friends at a strip club. I’d been really rude to one of the strippers and got into an argument with management who banned me from the club. I begged the manager to change his mind and finally he agreed and said we could all come back tomorrow. I thought it was all good… just another crazy night, but I wake up in the morning to find myself CHANGED INTO A WOMAN!!!! I’m wearing strippers clothes and my furniture is all pink with girly decorations. I panic and message my friends, only to find that they've all been changed into women also! I decide to watch some porn to calm down, only to my horror, its not the girls I’m interested in!! I shake my head and keep affirming that I’m straight and a guy! I mean I’m definitely not gay! I’ve never been into dudes!!!!!!!! It doesn't matter how hot and hard that guys throbbing cock in the video is... oh FUCK! What did I just think?! I feel SO conflicted. I have all these desires I’ve never had before! How repulsing! I want to dance and show off for guys, but also find these feeling completely disgusting. I try desperately to get off to lesbian porn but I just don’t find the women hot anymore. I jerk off to all of my favorite old go to videos only finding myself getting wetter and wetter looking at men and their big hard cocks. I eventually cum really hard while screaming about getting fucked and dominated by A MAN, only afterwards realizing what I’ve done. In the end I suddenly find myself dressed ready for a night at the club. I sigh to myself that I may as well go to ask the manager to change me back as I prepare to go see my friends. Shame they don't have their cocks anymore, I could totally show them what I’ve learned.... FUCK! NO! I’M NOT GAY! Or am I?!
SNEAKER BITCH video from Chastity Lynn
SNEAKER BITCH What a good boy you are for ordering me two new pairs of shoes! I show off the black pair teasing you about your potential as my shoe bitch...however we are just getting started on this journey! I dangle them around pop them up and down telling you to obey my commands. Your goddess wants you to start stroking it to her.  I know fucking hot I am in these sneakers and how blessed you are to even have my attention. While still wearing the black pair, I bring the white pair into view and tease how especially easy controlling you is going to be now that I have your very favorite shoes on hand... in fact I know you'll be helpless to resist any order I give me while wearing these... I know you are a total jerk off addict and that I'm one of your favorite pornstars of all time. I know you've jerked off to every Chastity Lynn scene you could find...and you have practically every one of my scenes saved on your hard drive! But know things have come full circle for you because your favorite porn star ever is about to put on your favorite shoes ever, so you should probably stop stroking now so you don’t blow your load immediately! I slowly slip off the black pair. Sadly they don’t fit me and are therefore worthless to me, however they’re about to become a very valuable pair of shoes to you. As my shoe bitch you have the honor not just of buying me shoes, but also of buying shoes from me. As a goddess one of my powers is turning an $80 pair of shoes into a $300 pair, and you are so lucky to be able to watch that happen. I slide on the white pair and start giving you instructions to wank your cock. I teach you to be 100% obedient to every order I give, making you respond with a “yes Goddess Chastity” to every command. I strip fully naked except for the white pair, and begin inserting the laces of the black pair in my pussy getting them totally soaked! I tease how I know you are dying to own them so you can suck on them and get just a tiny taste of my juices. Once they’re drenched I move on to fucking the shoe, rubbing the leather toe against my pussy. I cum hard covering the shoes with my squirt. I know they are about to become your most prized possession. And that my little shoe bitch is how an $80 pair of sneakers becomes $300, now pay up!

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