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Fuckpig Sexual Reprogramming

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Gender Neutral Pronouns !!
WARNING: Reprogramming/brainwashing file, -do not- listen if you're not 100% ready to become a mindless fuckpig for me. This file leans heavy on the humiliation side of things; if you're not into being called a disgusting, sad, excuse for a person, this one may not be for you. oink.

This file centers around handing over your current sexual desires, and trading them out for pig-like instincts: where you are now reliant on stuffing your face & pushing your limits in order to get off. Give this file a few listens, and you may never be able to go back to your old ways; completely absorbed in a life full of greed and hedonism, -obsessed- with gaining. But hey, you were always meant to be a fuckpig, you know? Existing to be stuffed, and fucked, and stuffed again- lacking any and all self awareness. I'm really just doing you a favor; a service, offering a helping hand on your journey to obesity, the least you could do is give this a listen.

**I recommend listening to my hypnosis files through noise cancelling headphones, in a safe space, where you will not be interrupted.**


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