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Brainwashed to be Filled

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**WARNING** This file has been created with the purpose and intention to brainwash you; upon listening you may experience intense urges to balloon for me, submit to me, and dedicate yourself to a lifestyle of greed and gluttony. Do not proceed if you are not open to experiencing such changes.

✨gender neutral pronouns✨

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I know you’ve been waiting there patiently; craving the sound of my voice, my tonality, my influence. I always knew you’d make a good pig, but I never knew how desperate you were to be fattened and filled by me, to have your belly stuffed up, allll nice and tight. In this brainwashing file, I empty you of all preexisting thoughts and sensations, just to fill you back up again with MY feeder suggestions. Wiping your mind and reprogramming you into a desperate hog who can’t stop thinking about growing, and gaining, and filling up your belly for me. By the time you’re finished with this 40 minute session, your mind will be mine, and your body will be too. You’ll be aching for me; craving the pressure from an overstuffed belly. Turn off for me piggy, I know you want to.


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