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Thong Tease in Purple Jeans

An excruciatingly slow tease clip for ass lovers, denim fans, and thong perverts! I love the way my tight skinny jeans feel, wrapped around my lower half... and especially how they accentuate my ass. This is an ass-focused tease in which I basically take off my pants as slowly as possible. I linger at the button, the zipper, the waistband... drawing out every moment and making you desperate for more. I fold down the waistband to show off how my high-cut thong peeks out and pinches into my curves, and I pull down the jeans just enough to show off that perfect whale tail. My hips sway, far too slowly and gently for the pants to sink down, although they threaten to... The truth is, I love drawing out the tease for as long as I can, and I love making you desperate enough to beg for it. Don't worry, I do expose my ass at some point - for about 40 seconds before I turn around to show you my front half instead. Then I pull my pants up again. So... my pants are down for a total of two minutes. Can you cum before I pull them up again? Hurry, hurry! ;)


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