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Taboo Valentine's Impregnation | VF

photo of CattieCattie

21:55 | Added 2 months ago

Your sister calls you up with a big favor... come over ASAP! It's easier to discuss in person. Upon arrival, she goes on about how badly she wants to start a family but, doesn't want to wait for "Mr. Right" to do it... So... She's hoping YOU'LL help her! She knows it sounds nuts... But, she desperate... And we've got GREAT genetics! You haven't quite said yes or no yet so, she says to give her 5 minutes. After time passes, she covers your eyes and brings you to her room where she has rose petals laid out. She knows it's nothing extravagant and a bit tacky but, it's the best she could do in a pinch for time. Seeing you're still not fully convinced, she starts listing off reasons why you should help her... but, that seems pointless. She slowly reveals her Valentine's Day themed lingerie in hopes that, THAT will get you on board. And surely, it does! Now we just need to get you warmed up and on to the best part! Video ends with a massive creampie. Impregnation and taboo dirty talk all throughout the video. All shot in POV/virtual fuck angles.


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