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Caught and Shrunk by Your Step Sister 2 3

You dirty little perv! You thought you could hide in your step sister's room and watch her get unchanged? Well she caught you and she's not impressed. Worse, she's got a secret and she's going to use it to punish you! You might be her big brother, but not for long. She uses her secret power to shrink you down to the size of an ant and now you're at her mercy. She teases you now, "little brother", stripping off her clothes. That might be what you wanted, but not like this! You're so tiny. She picks you up and uses her tits to squish you between them. She's getting more and more turned on, using you as her play thing. She puts you in her panties and you're so tiny you get caught in her bush, you can't climb out even if you try. It's so much fun punishing you, little brother, she masturbates, rubbing herself with her fingers. Then she has a great idea for your next punishment - she puts you right inside her pussy. She keeps masturbating and she nearly loses you in there. Does her pussy squish you as she orgasms? She has multiple orgasms with you inside her, even introducing you to her vibrator. Then she pulls you out and licks you clean of cum. Have you learned your lesson, little brother?

(This clips includes both pov and third person scenes.)

//tags: giantess, shrinking fetish, taboo, femdom, female domination, humiliation, small tits, hairy bush, multiple orgasms, vibrator, dirty talk, Australian accent, Australian domme


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