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We are a good fuckdoll

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Starting with a deep, fractionating trance, Superior used all five senses to lead me into a deep, obedient state. He played with my sense of taste, smell, sight, and sound for over an hour, getting me extremely deep and malleable, before finally playing with touch, which is where the video begins.

Superior then programs me to believe that I am an all-powerful Goddess, and he is my toy. I feel strong, and arrogant, and I get whatever it is I want. The twist is... Superior tells me what Goddess wants. The trigger "Goddess wants ____" makes me immediately crave whatever follows. Superior wakes me up, and I am his Goddess. he tells me I want to record a hypnosis video, to makes lots of other good toys to be under my power.

After recording the video, Superior wipes all memory and tells me that when I wake up, I will be my normal self. He wants me to watch a video of a hypnotist and tells me that although I don't recognize her, I feel compelled to listen to everything she tells me...


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