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What Do You See?

You see what I want you to see. Me is just an illusion, a character I've created to entice and delight. You pass me by on the street or in the grocery store, but what runs through your head? Your thoughts don't match the reality I present for you.
In that brief flash as you lose yourself to fascination and daydreams, I can make you see whatever I want. Am I really standing here, staring at you, or am I doing something far more lewd, a lascivious act that could lead to your undoing? Let your fantasies run wild, or give the reins to me and see what tantalizing raptures I can conjure for your perversions.
Blink once and what you see is erotic delusion. Blink twice and you will lose yourself completely to my illusion, sinking into the fabrication until you lose your grip on reality. The world can wait, what you need is me. Fuel your fantasies, pump your libido into overdrive, and sink into the fantasia only I can provide. Will you let yourself experience pure, unadulterated bliss, or will you clear your eyes and return to the real world without dalliance? Let yourself fall under my spell, imagine a joy you've never tasted, before you return to the harsh sensibility of existence without my touch to sustain you


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