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Trapped In My Toilet

Custom video: "A custom 5 minute video, from inside your toilet, looking up at your asshole as you fart on me in a POV toilet style clip, as if i AM your toilet, or I'm trapped in there? A POV toilet clip, under your seat, as if I am your toilet. Direct POV shot of bare asshole winking and your reaction to finding me in the toilet before keeping me there."

Well, I was going to go pee, but now I think I'll just tease you with the idea. This will be your "test run", or a practice to get you prepared for the real thing. I couldn't fart anyways, and there's no way I'd push one out on purpose for a peeping tiny.

It will be much better to trap you in my toilet forever after you survive the simulated practice round. If you can't even handle the mouth farts as I wink my butthole then I'll probably just flush you immediately and be done with you. If you won't be sniffing up all of my real farts, then I'll show you exactly how gross I find icky little men that get trapped in my toilet for fear of my fake farts.

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