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Pervert For Foot Domination

Go ahead and get that repeat button ready. Just set it up right next to the tribute button, because you're going to be using both as you become a jerkaholic for my feet. You need to worship them, and you crave kneeling at my feet, below them where you belong.

Your life will be spent idolizing my feet, and you will love your place beneath them. Humiliated, trampled, and used, but you love the domination served to you by my toes, polished to perfection as they use you every way they see fit. How far will you go to satisfy the toes you serve?

My feet will walk all over you. You are nothing beneath them, just some pervert loser that is completely in love with being humiliated and used by dominant, bitchy MILF feet. Kiss my toes, and sign over your soul as you tribute in an endless cycle of the foot jerkaholic pervert.

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