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Me and My Inflatable Suit

All zipped up and ready to go, one little switch and I'll start to grow! My inflatable suit is all wrinkled and baggy, just waiting to expand into an inflatable waiting for fun. I wiggle my hand into the suit and flip the switch, hearing the whirs and buzz of the motor hum to life.

The inflatable suit starts to grow fast! It expands rapidly around me, blowing itself into a tight balloon to cushion my body. I bounce and laugh as I make the suit jiggle every way I move. Even small movements send it bouncing around! I pull my arms into the suit, and make it bounce as hard as I can up and down, making the suit wiggling and jiggling all over the place.

Crossing my legs or sitting on my knees just makes the suit bouncier and bigger around the middle, so I test out pulling my arms in and bouncing it as hard as I can around me. The harder I bounce, the more static builds up and makes my hair fly everywhere the suit bounces. I play with the zipper of the suit, testing out the expansion capabilities by quickly letting out the air multiple times and then reinflating it. Depending on which position I'm in, the suit inflates in a rapid expansion, or slowly fills up like a parachute balloon.


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