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It Came In The Night: Accelerated Alien Impregnation Expansion

I'm just about ready for my date. My boyfriend should be here any minute. What am I missing? I'm dressed, my hair looks nice, and my makeup is done. I hope he likes my lingerie choice, I picked it to be easy to take off. Wait, what was that sound? I could have sworn I heard something, but my date isn't here yet and he has a key to let himself in.

Strange. I could have sworn I heard something, but I don't see anything. Is someone there? Hello? I must be imaging things. How silly of me. I'm the only person home, so there's nothing that could have made that noise. I must be imagining things. Wait! I heard it again! What, wait, no! Ouch! What are you doing? I can't see anything but my body was just thrown onto the bed like a rag-doll. It feels like something is pinning my body down! I can't make it stop!

What is this erotic power coursing through my body? I can't control myself! My legs have been pulled apart and now I'm being compelled to tear my pantyhose to shreds. No! My boyfriend will be here any minute. I don't want him to see me disheveled. Oh, oh, OH! What is that feeling? I can't stifle my moans, it feels so good, like something is pumping hot semen inside my body. Wow...... It's....It's just, gone? How? There's nothing there, but I could have sworn I felt...... I must be more tired than I thought. Maybe I should lay down until he gets here. Oh, oh, OH!!!!! My body is swelling! No, expanding! My belly! It's swollen with an accelerated alien pregnancy! Oh no! My breasts are filling with milk! Oh no! My breasts and belly are noticeably swelling, expanding so rapidly, but OWW! Oh no, oh no, oh no! Is that a contraction? I can feel it moving inside me, kicking and fighting to be born. My boyfriend is going to be here any minute, and it's going to be obvious that I've fucked an alien. I have no explanation for this accelerated pregnancy! I've been impregnated whether I like it or not, and now I'm going into labor at this very moment and now my boyfriend has arrived! He's going to see me swollen and pregnant, sweaty in labor with an alien pregnancy that isn't his!


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